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Paint with Friends!

Paint with Friends!

The Spot

May 20th, 2015



Once upon a time, we facilitated paint excursions.  Now, we refer you to our friends at MUSE Paint Bar!  Manager/artist/instructor Nina David is a member of the Spot Collaborative and has been going to shows we promote for years– she is a bright light of positive energy; you will be glad you went to her class!

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  1. The Spot says:


    In just about two hours, while you’re sipping on a cocktail, our performing artists will guide you through each painting so that you come up with your own unique masterpiece at the end of the night that you will be amazed YOU created. We provide everything you will need: canvas, paints, brushes and even a smock. You just bring your fun loving friends and have a few cocktails to keep the spirits high and inhibitions to a minimum and we’ll make sure your inner Picasso is unleashed.

    It’s all simple and completely stress free! Everyone gets a gold star! Absolutely no painting experience is needed, and we take care of all supplies. Best of all, it’s at your favorite local bistro. Check the calendar to see where and when we’ll be in your neighborhood.

    Events last approximately two hours, at the end of which you get to take home your new masterpiece. We use acrylic paint in primary colors and provide 16”x20” canvases at all of our events.

    To see available events or purchase tickets, simply view the events calendar and choose the event you’d like to attend. You can either sort events by date, painting, artist, or location. The painting pictured is what an artist will walk you through step by step during the course of the event (though of course creativity and individuality are always welcome!)

    Are you an artist looking to join our team? Email us. We’re always on the lookout for great local artists with a flair for teaching!

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